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   celebrating sin!

   "Enjoy the passing pleasures of    Hebrews 11:25
   I'll bet you didn't know the Bible said THAT!&   it up!  See!  I told ya!  It's just    that "everyone of consenting age in any l   "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."<   As I sit here re-reading the article fro   whose entire premise is the celebration of sin   United States of America.
   T   The key moment came in 2004
   when Laura Bush ap   Tonight Show after a Sin City visit.
   Jay Leno ask   Chippendales male strippers.  Her
   re   million in advertising;
   "Jay, what h   stays in Vegas."
   "There are no rules here," gushes one sati   "Nowadays, visitors may feel let down if they ha   wouldn't do back home," proclaims the marketing    club" where clients pay $400.00 per hour for..."sin."<   "The city's mayor, a former defense lawyer for gangsters," sob   laments that, "The real estate market is in the dumps, but he thi   new attractions, such as the downtown Mob Museum-due in fall 2   011-will lure visitors."
   Ahh, the celebration of sin.   aware that the Bible verse a   11:25?  I took it completely ou   Well, ho   completely "in" con   "There is a way which seems right
   to a man,   Proverbs 16:25
   "The wages of sin is death."
   Romans   Always has been...Always will be.  Now there's a sl   *quotations taken from, The USA Today newspa   12, 2010. p.5D.
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