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Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sun Nov 7 19:19:14 UTC 2010

On Nov 6, 2010, at 9:09 PM, Anonymous wrote:
> Tim Kientzle <kientzle at> writes:
>> Author: kientzle
>> Date: Sun Nov  7 03:40:37 2010
>> New Revision: 214905
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>  If the Zip reader doesn't see a PK signature block
>>  because there's inter-entry garbage, just scan forward
>>  to find the next one.  This allows us to handle a lot
>>  of Zip archives that have been modified in-place.
> It's unrelated but can you also look at archives produces by Mojo Setup?
> $ /usr/bin/unzip duke3d-mojosetup-linux-x86.bin
> Archive:  duke3d-mojosetup-linux-x86.bin
> unzip: Unrecognized archive format
> zsh: exit 1
> $ LOCALBASE/bin/unzip duke3d-mojosetup-linux-x86.bin
> Archive:  duke3d-mojosetup-linux-x86.bin
> warning [duke3d-mojosetup-linux-x86.bin]:  157716 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
>  (attempting to process anyway)
>   creating: data/
>  inflating: data/duke3d_readme.txt

Libarchive currently doesn't support self-extracting Zip archives
(the "157716 extra bytes" that Info-Zip mentions).  There's
a hack in libarchive's Zip reader that mostly supports one
particular common type of self-extracting Zip archive, but
it's not very easy to generalize.

There are a couple of possible options for addressing
this, but I won't have time to work on any of those any
time soon.


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