svn commit: r205119 - head/contrib/top

Bruce Cran brucec at
Sat Mar 13 11:17:40 UTC 2010

Author: brucec
Date: Sat Mar 13 11:17:39 2010
New Revision: 205119

  Change the 'amt' parameter in format_k2 from int to unsigned long long
  to match the values passed in and prevent the SIZE field being corrupted
  when more than 2TB is allocated.
  PR:		bin/129706
  Approved by:	rrs (mentor)
  MFC after:	1 week


Modified: head/contrib/top/utils.c
--- head/contrib/top/utils.c	Sat Mar 13 11:08:57 2010	(r205118)
+++ head/contrib/top/utils.c	Sat Mar 13 11:17:39 2010	(r205119)
@@ -476,7 +476,7 @@ int amt;
 char *format_k2(amt)
-int amt;
+unsigned long long amt;
     static char retarray[NUM_STRINGS][16];

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