svn commit: r204820 - head/etc

Ed Schouten ed at
Sun Mar 7 08:30:21 UTC 2010

Author: ed
Date: Sun Mar  7 08:30:21 2010
New Revision: 204820

  Install termcap.small.
  Right now we have a termcap.small in the tree, but we don't install it.
  If we do install this file by default, it is more likely for
  applications to work in single user mode.
  I am not entirely happy with the contents of this file. In my opinion we
  should remove the `dosansi', `pc' and `pc3' entries and replace them
  with `vt100' in case someone uses a serial console.
  The file does already have entries for `cons25' and `xterm', which is
  used most often.
  Requested by:	brucec


Modified: head/etc/Makefile
--- head/etc/Makefile	Sun Mar  7 07:59:05 2010	(r204819)
+++ head/etc/Makefile	Sun Mar  7 08:30:21 2010	(r204820)
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ BIN1=	auth.conf \
 	rc rc.bsdextended rc.firewall rc.initdiskless \
 	rc.sendmail rc.shutdown \
 	rc.subr remote rpc services shells \
-	sysctl.conf syslog.conf
+	sysctl.conf syslog.conf termcap.small
 .if exists(${.CURDIR}/etc.${MACHINE}/ttys)
 BIN1+=	etc.${MACHINE}/ttys

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