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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Sat Mar 6 15:25:44 UTC 2010

On Fri, 5 Mar 2010 21:18:00 +0000 (UTC) Doug Barton <dougb at>

> On Fri, 5 Mar 2010, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > Author: netchild
> > Date: Fri Mar  5 14:34:33 2010
> > New Revision: 204759
> > URL:
> I've got no comments on the jail-related stuff given that my
> knowledge of jails is almost non-existent. However I wish you had run
> your diff past freebsd-rc@ since if you had I (or someone else) could
> have let you know that the attached patch is a much cleaner way of
> implementing the bit about conditionalizing "parallel" execution
> (which, to the extent I understand the problem I agree with your
> solution of only doing it at when starting, FWIW).
> In general we try to avoid having any code in rc.d scripts run 
> unconditionally. In this case it's harmless (although every cpu cycle 
> counts) but in other cases it can cause problems, which is why as a 
> general rule it's safer to avoid it altogether.

I assume your version covers onestart, forcestart faststart and start
(I can imagine situations where a prestart should be different from a
preforcestart, but I doubt we differentiate in the code).

The reason why I chose the case was, that forcestart and onestart are
more interactive options. I could imagine that someone tells in the
future that it may be better to ignore the jail_parallel_start in those
cases. Can the one/force part be detected in the prestart?

The trick with command_args is neat, but it is a pitfall in case
someone wants to use it in the future. Wouldn't it be better to add the
ampersand to it instead of letting the ampersand replace the value?

Whatever your answers are, feel free to change what you want to change
(as long as the feature remains... my main concern is to solve the bugs,
not how to solve them).


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