svn commit: r204648 - head/sys/dev/ciss

Alexander Motin mav at
Wed Mar 3 20:43:25 UTC 2010

Attila Nagy wrote:
> Alexander Motin wrote:
>> Author: mav
>> Date: Wed Mar  3 17:58:41 2010
>> New Revision: 204648
>> URL:
>> Log:
>>   Several changes to fix livelock under high load, introduced by r203489:
>>   - change the way in which command queue overflow is handled;
>>   - do not expose to CAM two command slots, used for driver's internal purposes;
>>   - allow driver to use up to 1024 command slots, instead of 256 before.
> Thank you for hunting this bug down. Do you plan to increase the maximum
> logical device limit as well?

Not sure. I just have no idea why this limitation was enforced. Even if
I personally don't see problems from increasing it, it would be nice if
somebody more aware of this driver tell whether it is correct for all
supported hardware. I just don't have any. Thank you for provided
access. If nobody responds, we may try our luck in CURRENT.

Alexander Motin

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