svn commit: r202572 - head/lib/libc/gen

Andrey Chernov ache at
Wed Jan 20 09:46:33 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 07:43:29PM +1100, Bruce Evans wrote:
> No, it is a comment about opendir()'s comparison function.  It has nothing
> to do with scandir(), and the only thing that it has to do with alphasort()
> is that it must be different for the reasons described.

Then the comment was plain wrong (not misplaced), so removing it becomes 
right again because the comment states: "opendir()'s comparison function" 
according to POSIX 2008 and XSI 7 should use strcoll(). But there is 
nothing said about opendir() & strcoll() relation in the mentioned 
standards. The only word I found is that opendir() returns "ordered" 
sequence, but nowhere mentioned ordered by what criteria, so perhaps they 
mean "stable":

"The type DIR, which is defined in the <dirent.h> header, represents a 
directory stream, which is an ordered sequence of all the directory 
entries in a particular directory."

> page more than here.  BTW, I don't remember any man page updates for
> this.  The man page still only says that alphasort() can be used to
> give alphabetical sorting in scandir(). 

Alphabetically already means sorted according to collate, otherwhise it is 
called binary. Perhaps manpage should refer strcoll() directly.

> I can't see this now (some illusion from my mailer or $TERMCAP
> misformatting the patch?), but now I see an extra "the" in it:
>      "requires the alphasort() to use strcoll()"
> should be either
>      "requires that alphasort() uses strcoll()"
> (preferred) or
>      "requires alphasort() to use strcoll()"
> (probably intended, but not too passive).  I thought that you removed
> this line completely.  The previous line is even less useful.

I don't add extra "the" there) What do you want, clarify please:
1) Remove whole comment.
2) Remove only first line and correct second to "that".
3) Just correct second to "that".


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