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Thu Feb 25 23:46:51 UTC 2010

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            Attilio Rao <attilio at> writes:
: Author: attilio
: Date: Thu Feb 25 14:13:39 2010
: New Revision: 204309
: URL:
: Log:
:   Introduce the new kernel sub-tree x86 which should contain all the code
:   shared and generalized between our current amd64, i386 and pc98.
:   This is just an initial step that should lead to a more complete effort.
:   For the moment, a very simple porting of cpufreq modules, BIOS calls and
:   the whole MD specific ISA bus part is added to the sub-tree but ideally
:   a lot of code might be added and more shared support should grow.


:   Sponsored by:	Sandvine Incorporated
:   Reviewed by:	emaste, kib, jhb, imp
:   Discussed on:	arch
:   MFC:		3 weeks

Is this really wise?  Are these changes KPI neutral?


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