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M. Warner Losh imp at
Fri Feb 12 07:40:50 UTC 2010

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            Neel Natu <neel at> writes:
: Author: neel
: Date: Fri Feb 12 02:59:49 2010
: New Revision: 203796
: URL:
: Log:
:   Remove the PCI_IOSPACE_SIZE and PCI_IOSPACE_ADDR hack from nexus.c. Implement
:   this in the Sibyte PCI hostbridge driver instead.
:   The nexus driver sees resource allocation requests for memory and irq
:   resources only. These are legitimate resources on all MIPS platforms.
:   Suggested by: imp

Thanks.  In general, by the time we get to the nexus, there should be
only native resources.  I/O space is a construct of the PCI bus, or
whatever other bus on the system maps it to an address space.  Now
that we have a real bus-space implementation, we no longer need to
pretend there's an I/O space at the nexus to make the bus space
functions happy.  Bus space now does the proper mapping up the tree,
so by the time we get here, only memory space and hard IRQs should be
left (which also means that any IRQ fan-in should be mapped by this
point too).


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