svn commit: r203574 - head/etc

Bruce Simpson bms at
Sun Feb 7 04:55:41 UTC 2010

On 07/02/2010 04:38, Doug Barton wrote:
> Are all the port numbers that have been added recently things that 
> have been requested by users? IIUC there is a cost "albeit small" for 
> parsing the /etc/services file each time it's read, so traditionally 
> we've tried to keep it as small as possible while still meeting the 
> needs of our users.

I've been running sane-backends with this mod locally on all my FreeBSD 
desktop clients for some time. Given that it's been given an official 
allocation by IANA it seemed reasonable to add it to our own 
/etc/services to support this use. It's pretty essential for day-to-day 
office use of FreeBSD as a desktop system.

The intention is to be able to use pfSense as a lightweight appliance 
platform for scan/print, to reduce my power bill, and get rid of noisy 
old boxes.

I have a diff to add an RC script to the existing graphics/sane-backends 
port here, and it requires that saned-port be present in /etc/services:

Note well the comments about devd.conf configuration being a bit of a 
pain for USB endpoints.

What could use further care and attention is the configuration of sane 
itself. Just using scanimage -L with the default out-of-box 
configuration causes a coredump; if I reduce dll.conf to the bare 
minimum required, it's fine.

Others have commented that AHCI in HEAD accepting arbitrary SCSI 
commands can cause the driver to hang briefly, I observed this earlier; 
commenting out the SCSI backends worked around this, and I know mav@ has 
a patch for it which hasn't been MFCed just yet.


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