svn commit: r206497 - in head: sbin/geom/class sbin/geom/class/sched sys/geom/sched sys/modules/geom sys/modules/geom/geom_sched sys/modules/geom/geom_sched/gs_sched sys/modules/geom/geom_sched/gsc...

Bruce Cran bruce at
Sun Apr 25 00:18:39 UTC 2010

On Monday 12 April 2010 17:37:45 Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> Author: luigi
> Date: Mon Apr 12 16:37:45 2010
> New Revision: 206497
> URL:
> Log:
>   Bring in geom_sched, support for scheduling disk I/O requests
>   in a device independent manner. Also include an example anticipatory
>   scheduler, gsched_rr, which gives very nice performance improvements
>   in presence of competing random access patterns.

The example in gsched(8) says to use "-s rr", but it looks like it should be 
"-a rr"?

Bruce Cran

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