svn commit: r198229 - head/etc

Ed Schouten ed at
Mon Oct 19 11:10:45 UTC 2009

Author: ed
Date: Mon Oct 19 11:10:44 2009
New Revision: 198229

  Partially revert the change to the gettytab made in r198214.
  By misinterpreting some data, I thought that getty wouldn't apply any
  baud rate to the syscons devices, but it uses the default entry instead.
  This means that the baud rate is set to 1200. This isn't too bad, except
  when using canonical mode. Make it use 9600 baud by default.
  MFC after:	1 week


Modified: head/etc/gettytab
--- head/etc/gettytab	Mon Oct 19 08:52:57 2009	(r198228)
+++ head/etc/gettytab	Mon Oct 19 11:10:44 2009	(r198229)
@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ X|Xwindow|X window system:\
 P|Pc|Pc console:\
-	:ht:np:
+	:ht:np:sp#9600:
 # Wierdo special case for fast crt's with hardcopy devices

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