svn commit: r198748 - in head/sys/cam: . ata scsi

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Mon Nov 2 03:28:41 UTC 2009

> Author: mav
> Date: Sun Nov  1 11:31:06 2009
> New Revision: 198748
> URL:
> Log:
>  MFp4:
>  Fix reference counting bug, when device unreferenced before then
>  invalidated. To do it, do not handle validity flag as another
>  reference, but explicitly modify reference count each time flag is
>  modified.

There is still one problem with this. In xpt_async() we go through the
device list on the target and call the async function followed by
xpt_async_bcast(). With the above change its possible for
scsi_dev_async() to free the device due to dropping the
CAM_DEV_UNCONFIGURED flag, leading to a panic in xpt_async_bcast() on
freed memory.

This fixes it for me.

Index: cam/cam_xpt.c
--- cam/cam_xpt.c       (revision 198779)
+++ cam/cam_xpt.c       (working copy)
@@ -4023,12 +4023,15 @@ xpt_async(u_int32_t async_code, struct cam_path *p
                         && device->lun_id != CAM_LUN_WILDCARD)
+                       /* The async callback could free the device */
+                       xpt_acquire_device(device);
                        (*(bus->xport->async))(async_code, bus,
                                               target, device,
                        xpt_async_bcast(&device->asyncs, async_code,
                                        path, async_arg);
+                       xpt_release_device(device);

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