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Wed Mar 25 14:20:18 PDT 2009

Author: sam
Date: Wed Mar 25 21:20:15 2009
New Revision: 190425

  update; mostly to eliminate ambiguity about what hardware is supported


Modified: head/share/man/man4/ath.4
--- head/share/man/man4/ath.4	Wed Mar 25 20:40:34 2009	(r190424)
+++ head/share/man/man4/ath.4	Wed Mar 25 21:20:15 2009	(r190425)
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd January 13, 2009
+.Dd March 25, 2009
 .Dt ATH 4
@@ -59,8 +59,6 @@ driver provides support for wireless net
 the Atheros AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, and AR5416 programming APIs.
 These APIs are used by a wide variety of chips; most all chips with
 a PCI and/or CardBus interface are supported.
-Chip-specific support is provided by the Atheros Hardware Access Layer
 Supported features include 802.11 and 802.3 frames, power management, BSS,
 IBSS, TDMA, and host-based access point operation modes.
@@ -129,7 +127,7 @@ The driver also support
 .Cm tdma
 operation when compiled with
 .Cd "options AH_SUPPORT_TDMA"
-(and the wlan module is build with
+(and the wlan module is built with
 .Cd "options IEEE80211_SUPPORT_TDMA"
 to enable the associated 802.11 support).
 For more information on configuring this device, see
@@ -142,10 +140,8 @@ Wireless cards in Cardbus slots may be i
-driver supports most Atheros Cardbus or PCI cards,
+driver supports all Atheros Cardbus and PCI cards,
 except those that are based on the AR5005VL chipset.
-More recent parts may require a hal that is not part of
-.Fb .
 A list of cards that are supported can be found at
 .Pa .
@@ -252,13 +248,6 @@ This should not happen.
 The Atheros Hardware Access Layer was unable to reset the hardware
 when switching channels during scanning.
 This should not happen.
-.It "ath%d: unable to allocate channel table"
-The driver was unable to allocate memory for the table used to hold
-the set of available channels.
-.It "ath%d: unable to collect channel list from hal"
-A problem occurred while querying the HAL to find the set of available
-channels for the device.
-This should not happen.
 .It "ath%d: failed to enable memory mapping"
 The driver was unable to enable memory-mapped I/O to the PCI device registers.
 This should not happen.
@@ -294,15 +283,6 @@ The
 device driver first appeared in
 .Fx 5.2 .
-Different regulatory domains have different default channels for adhoc
-.Xr ifconfig 8
-for information on how to change the channel.
-Different regulatory domains may not be able to communicate with each
-other with 802.11a as different regulatory domains do not necessarily
-have overlapping channels.
 Revision A1 of the D-LINK DWL-G520 and DWL-G650 are based on an
 Intersil PrismGT chip and are not supported by this driver.

Modified: head/share/man/man4/ath_hal.4
--- head/share/man/man4/ath_hal.4	Wed Mar 25 20:40:34 2009	(r190424)
+++ head/share/man/man4/ath_hal.4	Wed Mar 25 21:20:15 2009	(r190425)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-.\" Copyright (c) 2002-2008 Sam Leffler, Errno Consulting
+.\" Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Sam Leffler, Errno Consulting
 .\" All rights reserved.
 .\" Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd November 30, 2008
+.Dd March 25, 2009
 .Dt ATH_HAL 4
@@ -52,10 +52,13 @@ or
 .\".Cd "device ath_rf2136"
 .\".Cd "device ath_rf2137"
 .Cd "device ath_ar9160"
+.Cd "device ath_ar9280"
 .Cd "options AH_SUPPORT_AR5416"
 The hal provides hardware support for wireless network adapters based on
-the Atheros AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, AR5416, and AR9160 chips.
+the Atheros AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, AR5213, AR2413, AR2417, AR2425,
+AR5413, AR5416, AR5418, AR5424, AR9160, and AR9280 chips (and companion
+RF/baseband parts).
 This code is part of the
 .Xr ath 4
 driver but configured separately to allow fine-grained control
@@ -63,7 +66,8 @@ over the set of chips supported.
 enables support for all PCI and Cardbus devices.
-Note this includes AR5416 devices and must be accompanied by the
+Note this includes AR5416, AR9160, and AR9280 devices and
+must be accompanied by the
 option to enable the extended hardware descriptor format used by
 AR5416 and later devices.

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