svn commit: r190740 - head/sys/arm/at91

Andrew Thompson thompsa at
Sun Apr 5 11:21:41 PDT 2009

Author: thompsa
Date: Sun Apr  5 18:21:40 2009
New Revision: 190740

  MFp4 //depot/projects/usb at 159992
  at91_udp.c does not exist anymore, it is now replaced by at91dci in
  src/sys/dev/usb/controller. Also remove the ohci_atmelarm.c because it is also
  included in src/sys/conf/files
  Submitted by:	Sylvestre Gallon


Modified: head/sys/arm/at91/files.at91
--- head/sys/arm/at91/files.at91	Sun Apr  5 18:21:31 2009	(r190739)
+++ head/sys/arm/at91/files.at91	Sun Apr  5 18:21:40 2009	(r190740)
@@ -13,12 +13,10 @@ arm/at91/at91_spi.c		optional	at91_spi		
 	dependency	"spibus_if.h"
 arm/at91/at91_tc.c		optional	at91_tc
 arm/at91/at91_twi.c		optional	at91_twi
-arm/at91/at91_udp.c		optional	at91_udp
 arm/at91/if_ate.c		optional	ate
 arm/at91/uart_bus_at91usart.c	optional	uart
 arm/at91/uart_cpu_at91rm9200usart.c	optional	uart
 arm/at91/uart_dev_at91usart.c	optional	uart
-dev/usb/controller/ohci_atmelarm.c	optional	ohci
 # All the boards we support

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