svn commit: r184194 - in head/sys: conf mips/conf

Warner Losh imp at
Sat Oct 25 03:55:32 UTC 2008

From: Marcel Moolenaar <xcllnt at>
Subject: Re: svn commit: r184194 - in head/sys: conf mips/conf
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 16:04:44 -0700

> On Oct 24, 2008, at 3:50 PM, Warner Losh wrote:
> >> Please provide other grounds for reversal.
> >
> > (1) You didn't ask us first.
> This is no grounds for reversal.

It is weak..

> > (2) Others have said this is a bad idea.
> People were confused about the change.

Some people were confused, but others knew exactly what you did and
still didn't like it.

> > (3) There's appears to be a conensus that we should move the other way
> >    from what you are doing.
> Ok, this I buy. If people agree, we can discuss the
> scope and impact of the new route. If it's not too
> big a job I'll do the back-out by implementing it or
> otherwise I'll just back out this change and forget
> about it. Does that sound like a plan?

Sounds good.  Let's figure out where we want to go, and live with this
in the interim.  If we can't agree by, say, the end of MeetBSD, then
backing out sounds like a plan.

Would you like for me to write up what I had in mind as a starting
point since I objected to this solution?


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