svn commit: r186182 - head/sys/dev/ata

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sun Dec 28 07:53:03 UTC 2008

In message <20081228053530.GF18389 at>, Alfred Perlstein writes:
>* Scott Long <scottl at> [081226 18:34] wrote:

>> I prefer to do nothing.  It's not unsafe or erroneous to access cfg  
>> registers.  But if some kind of message does get added, I insist that  
>> it drop all pretenses and say, "you're too poor to run freebsd, come  
>> back when you can afford better hardware.". :)
>Well that could be the result of a driver that has a "bug" that
>makes it access cfg space when it does not need to, as what seems
>to have just been fixed.

How about adding a counter and a rate warning under INVARIANTS ?

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