Report #1: Unattended encrypted kernel crash dumps

Konrad Witaszczyk def at
Tue Jun 25 05:18:48 UTC 2013

During the last week I wanted to create a new format of kernel dump 
header and modify savecore to use it. This is the list of tasks that I 
* Extend struct kerneldumpheader (sys/sys/kerneldump.h) to save data in 
crash dumps which are required to initialize keyInstance and 
cipherInstance for sys/crypto/rijndael.
* Extend struct dumperinfo (sys/sys/conf.h) to encrypt data with 
* Try to read values from the new definition of struct kerneldumpheader 
in savecore.
You can see examples in the repository 

Things worth remembering:
* parity from struct kerneldumpheader should be the last element of the 
struct. Otherwise a dump device might stop saving a crash dump with 
parity and then savecore will think that the crash dump is correct.
* If I change struct kerneldumpheader then I need to remember that it 
has to have TEXTDUMP_BLOCKSIZE-bytes (sys/ddb/ddb.h):
116 CTASSERT(sizeof(struct kerneldumpheader) == TEXTDUMP_BLOCKSIZE);
117 CTASSERT(sizeof(struct ustar_header) == TEXTDUMP_BLOCKSIZE);
In order to follow this rule I had to change lengths of versionstring 
and panicstring. Is it the right way to do it or should I change somehow 
TEXTDUMP_BLOCKSIZE and struct ustar_header?

This week I will try to import parts of pefs to encrypt data and modify 
struct kerneldumpheader to a proper format for pefs. My spring semester 
has just finished so there will be more time to work.

More details about the project:

Konrad Witaszczyk

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