[Status Update] Capsicum adaptation project: Week 1

Ilya Bakulin webmaster at kibab.com
Fri May 27 20:23:04 UTC 2011

[have to resend because of sending to soc-status at lists.freebsd.org as
per Brooks' email -- that address does not exist actually]
[Stripping Ben, Robert, Jon from To: so they won't get the second copy]

this is the first status update for the Capsicum adaptation project.

This week I was getting my working environment in order -- I've checked
out freebsd-capabilities from P4 on two machines where I'm planning to
work, tested that SVN access is actually working, and asked Robert and
Jon some questions about the codebase that should be taken as a starting
Today I've received required information, so it seems that Robert and
Jon will be integrating the latest changes in P4 with current HEAD.
After that it will be ready to work with. Until that, I'm going to read
manual pages about system calls and dig through existing code. Also I
plan to start a discussion on freebsd-hackers@ regarding applications
that should receive Capsicum sandboxing.

Ilya Bakulin

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