Testing temporal properties with Temporally Enhanced Security Logic Assertions - week 5

Mateusz Kocielski shm at freebsd.org
Mon Jun 27 20:24:42 UTC 2011


 Last week slightly differed from my plans, mostly I spent time
playing with instrumenter stuff (which is a part of llvm/clang). I've
focused also on polishing written code so far in order to make
possible to push it into the official TESLA repository. Capsicum
testing was rescheduled for second phrase of the coding period.

I've done last week:

 * quick write-up (with some real-life examples)
 * rewrite instrumenter test infrastructure
 * instrumenter testing
 * instrumenter bug fixing

My plans for the next week:

 * Push my patches into the official TESLA repository.
 * Publish write-up at wiki.freebsd.org (polishing, proof-reading)
 * TESLA internals hacking
 * testing MAC framework (tests)
 * extend fuzzing framework (consider integrating this work into stress2 suite)

 In case of any questions please catch me on IRC (I'm shm at freenode).


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