Locations of POSIX.2c binaries?

Andreas Gruenbacher ag at moses.parsec.at
Wed Mar 21 17:11:02 GMT 2001

On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Robert Watson wrote:

> We recently committed our getfacl and setfacl tools to the base FreeBSD
> 5.0-CURRENT branch, and received a comment about the location of the
> files.  We placed them in /bin, in the style of our chmod, but comments
> indicated that many users expected them to be in /usr/bin, as that is what
> is used on Solaris.  Given that scripts tend to hard-code the location of
> important binaries, it would be nice to be consistent here.  As such, I am
> looking for some general views on how different implementors placed these
> (and other POSIX.2c) binaries in the file system.  We're perfectly happy
> to move to /usr/bin if that is more consistent, and it may well be. 

My understanding of /bin vs. /usr/bin is that /bin should contain the
binaries needed for booting the system, as well as a base set of utilities
needed by all users (ls, chmod, etc.). /usr/bin should contain all the
rest. Taken that getfacl/setfacl functionally belongs in the same group
functionally as ls/chmod, I'd opt for /bin. I wouldn't think Solaris is a
good reference for utility locations. There is a filesystem hierarchy
standard, <http://www.pathname.com/fhs/>, though.


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