[ACL-Devel] archiving acls: tar and cpio

Mats Wichmann mats at laplaza.org
Sun Oct 15 23:21:00 GMT 2000

>I'd suppose it's easier to reuse an existing format unless a significantly
>superior format is necessary for some reason. The format used should most
>probably be textual, so except for the uid/gid problem I see no problem
>with the 1003.1e draft 17 formats.
>Actually, both the comma separated and the line separated format is
>defined by 1003.1e DS17. The only problem is the comma separated format
>has no comments, so it's not possible to suff in additional information.
>>   How about this two (separator does not matter):
>>   user:oracle:23:rwx,group:dba:50:r-x,...
>>   user:oracle#23:rwx,group:dba#50:r-x,...
>>   user:#23:rwx,...  -- this one if there is no username for uid 23

why is anything necessary at all?  historically restores have
worked whether there's a user database entry or not... after all,
the "username" is only a convenience in displays from, say, "ls -l".

>> Interesting that solaris can use both numeric or symbolic "names"
>> (that can leads to conflicts -- what if we have real "user"
>> named "1000" -- sometime ago we had have this).  If there
>> is no name corresonded to some id used in fs, solaris
>> will use that id (in dec) instead of name.
>User names starting with a digit are rejected on my current (Linux)
>system. Any commas ad colons are rejected, too.

commas and colons are illegal.  I can't find anything that
the use of digits in usernames, however.

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