PERFORCE change 120788 for review

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Jun 8 17:53:05 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 06 June 2007 09:31:28 am Attilio Rao wrote:
> Rui Paulo wrote:
> > 
> > If I'm not doing something wrong, I need to use spin locks on my
> > interrupt handler, or else witness_checkorder will complain with
> > "blockable sleep lock".
> > 
> > Note that I'm using FILTERs.
> So you are doing this in the wrong way.
> In order to use correctly filters, please note that the support for them 
> is compile time choosen, so you need to wrapper all filter specific 
> parts using INTR_FILTER compat macro.

Actually, if you only use a filter and not an ithread handler, you can do that 
now w/o needing to have any #ifdef INTR_FILTER stuff.

John Baldwin

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