PERFORCE change 44443 for review

Juli Mallett jmallett at
Sun Dec 28 04:19:34 PST 2003

Change 44443 by jmallett at jmallett_oingo on 2003/12/28 04:18:52

	Delete NetBSD's much "nicer" and much more complete ARCBIOS
	code in favor of my ARCS code which "mostly does the job."
	The NetBSD way of using packed structures is nice, and certainly
	easy to code, but makes dealing with ABI issues difficult.  If
	it were trivial to say "switch to the o64 ABI for calling this"
	then I might not mind it so much, but it'd end up very, very
	full of macros before function pointers, and I'm sure GCC would
	get argument translation wrong anyway.  Not to mention having to
	use my ArcPointer_t stuff anyway for structure sizing.
	NetBSD code is still a good reference for functions, etc.
	Note this also gets rid of their (surely nicer) TTY code.

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/mips/sys/dev/arcbios/arcbios.c#12 delete
.. //depot/projects/mips/sys/dev/arcbios/arcbios.h#5 delete
.. //depot/projects/mips/sys/dev/arcbios/arcbios_tty.c#5 delete
.. //depot/projects/mips/sys/dev/arcbios/arcbiosvar.h#5 delete

Differences ...

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