a little lost: Xen HVM acpi shutdown?

Florian Heigl florian.heigl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 21:59:29 UTC 2011

Hi David, thanks for your reply.

2011/4/23 David Markey <admin at dmarkey.com>:
> ACPI shutdown can be done via the QEMU process.
> It should be listening on a control pipe where you can tell it to shutdown.

I don't really understand that:

If you do a xm shutdown <domU> then I'm quite sure that Xen does send
the right commands to a PV/HVM domU or is it in fact not something
FreeBSD specific and doesn't work for any guest OS on HVM domU?
I remember that i.e. the windows GPLPV drivers have a device driver
that is used to trigger the VM shutdown.

So I'd think this is an issue where I gotta do something on the domU side.

But maybe we're talking different things :))


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