[CFT] xorg 7.7

Niclas Zeising zeising at freebsd.org
Mon Mar 11 21:52:23 UTC 2013

The FreeBSD xorg team (x11@) presents this update of the FreeBSD xorg
port to version 7.7.
This CFT is intended to weed out as many bugs and regressions as
possible before merging xorg 7.7 into ports, please test it as much as
possible, to make it as good as can be.
We need testers of both new and old xorg, on as many architectures and
hardware combinations as possible.
Please report both successes and failures, and remember to include which
architecture, graphics card, version of FreeBSD and compiler you are
using, as well as relevant logs if any.

This CFT and any updates can either be obtained using SVN from
https://trillian.chruetertee.ch/svn/ports/branches/xorg-7.7 .
Once this ports overlay is obtained, it is necessary to run the
xorgmerge script, obtainable here:
http://people.freebsd.org/~miwi/xorg/xorgmerge .
Please don't forget to update directories before running this script.

A patch against the ports tree is also available, and can be obtained
from http://people.freebsd.org/~zeising/xorg-7.7.diff .
Apply this using either
svn patch /path/to/xorg-7.7.diff
if your ports tree is managed by svn or
patch -p0 -E < /path/to/xorg-7.7.diff
if your ports tree is managed by portsnap
Remember -E, so that empty files are removed.
This patch will be kept as up to date as possible, but might lag a
little behind the SVN repository.

Once the patch is in your ports tree, to build the old xorg, just cd to
/usr/ports/x11/xorg and run make install.
To get the new xorg, first set WITH_NEW_XORG in /etc/make.conf then
proceed as above.

Hopefully we will also be able to make packages and test images
available for use, however, this is not done yet.  A link for these
packages and images will be posted in a follow-up mail.

In this CFT:
* xorg-server 1.12.4 (WITH_NEW_XORG)
* Mesa 8.0.5 (WITH_NEW_XORG)
* Updated dri
* libX11 1.5
* libxcb 1.8
* updates for drivers
* Updates for all other utilities and libraries

Known issues:
The issues with imake and makedepend requiring a gnu compatible cpp is
not yet resolved.
Hardware acceleration for certain ATI radeon cards might no longer work,
if compiled with WITH_NEW_XORG.  This is expected to be resolved once
the work of porting TTM/KMS for radeon is completed.

For more information see https://wiki.freebsd.org/Xorg or come visit us
on IRC, #freebsd-xorg @ EFNet
Best Regards
Niclas Zeising
on behalf of the FreeBSD x11@ team

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