Xorg configuration fails on G4 Powermac

Super Biscuit super_bisquit at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 18:44:59 UTC 2010

I'd like for it to be noted that the cards aren't working properly. The Open Firmware"BIOS" path is incomplete. This has been noted on the freebsd-x11 and xorg mailing lists along with the freebsd ppc mailing list. 
I have tried all options offered to me with none working.
please let me knw which individuals that I need to file a bug report- or multiple bug reports to- on these mailing lists.
Thank you.

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From: Peter Jeremy <peterjeremy at acm.org>
Subject: Re: Xorg configuration fails on G4 Powermac
To: "Super Biscuit" <super_bisquit at yahoo.com>
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Date: Friday, October 8, 2010, 2:07 AM

On 2010-Oct-07 06:03:10 -0700, Super Biscuit <super_bisquit at yahoo.com> wrote:
>I've tried the xorg.conf.new with both the options you suggested and Denise suggested. Same results: no detection for mga g400/450, blank screen for radeon.
>I'm curious as to whether or not I need to add the horiz and vert values to the monitor section.

Can I suggest adding a "Virtual 1280 1024" (sized appropriately) to
each 'SubSection "Display"' of each 'Section "Screen"'.  I ran into
some wierd problems with multiple screens and found that the virtual
size isn't correctly initialised unless it's explicitly specified.

That said, I suspect that the underlying problem is:
>(WW) VGA arbiter: cannot open kernel arbiter, no multi-card support

ISTR, there is no longer any support for multiple video cards in
FreeBSD - I believe Xorg7.4 relies on external functionality that
FreeBSD doesn't have.  Can you try removing one of the
screen/device/monitor sections and see if it works?

Peter Jeremy

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