FreeBSD/Xorg support for Intel PineView (Atom D510) GPU

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Fri Jan 22 11:42:54 UTC 2010

Motherboards with the new Atoms are with integrated northbridge and
GPU are now available (eg Intel BOXD510MO) and I was considering
getting one but it seems that FreeBSD does not yet support X on them.

The PCI-ID of the GPU is 0xa001/0x8086 - which isn't supported by either
agp(4) or drm, though it looks like x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel does
include support for it.

Some rummaging with google throws up a set of 6 mails starting at
which includes the Linux AGP/DRM patches.  At a quick look, the
changes are fairly trivial.  Other than porting that code into
FreeBSD, are there likely to be any other gotchas?

Peter Jeremy
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