Radeon 9250 DRM in 7.2-RELEASE

Steve Polyack korvus at comcast.net
Mon May 4 20:36:14 UTC 2009

Robert Noland wrote:
> Ok, they are at least partially disabled...  I wonder if a BIOS update
> would help.
> Anyway, the garbled screen issue is usually associated with the caching
> method used on the PCI GART.  On IGP chips we force the GART to be
> uncacheable.  On PCI chips they are supposed to be able to snoop the bus
> and DTRT.  All of the fixes for memory caching should be in 7.
> Please try the attached patch and see if that makes a difference.
> robert.

Unfortunately, this didn't help.  I should also clarify what I'm seeing, 
as it's not complete garbage as I thought.  I have a dual monitor setup, 
side-by-side using xrandr.  When I start X (xfce4) with drm available, 
the left monitor (primary) is a sold light shade of blue, except for a 
black corner which is maybe 10pix square.  The right monitor displays my 
typical background image with another black box over part of it.  If it 
shift back to the console and then back into X, I can see the outlines 
of my startup windows, but they contain garbage and the outlines are 
fuzzed with green and magenta garbage.

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