[PREVIEW] Nouveau on FreeBSD (Take 2)

Robert Noland rnoland at FreeBSD.org
Thu Mar 26 16:01:02 PDT 2009

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 00:21 +0100, Gustavo Perez Querol wrote:
> >
> > On amd64 you need to make sure that you are using libdrm from git, and
> > that it is updated.  If you are sure that you have done that, then yes I
> > would like to see the log and possibly drm debug during startup.
>    Hi Robert,
>    my mistake, I tried with git versions for both libdrm and
> xf86-video-noveau (as I did in i386 STABLE) and right now it works.
>    So in my case my Quadro NVS135M works fine with both i386/STABLE and
>    Nice work ! Thank you



>    Gustau
Robert Noland <rnoland at FreeBSD.org>
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