[PREVIEW] Nouveau on FreeBSD (Take 2)

Robert Noland rnoland at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 21 17:04:46 PDT 2009

Ok, this patch should work on NV50 chips also.

What you get is EXA and Xv.

You still need:

A recent -CURRENT or -STABLE.

git master of libdrm and xf86-video-nouveau.

This patch.

Things I've figured out since the last patch...

On NV50 class hardware you need to have a compositing manager running
for Xv to work.  That means xcompmgr, metacity with composite enabled,
xfce (rumored to work as well, haven't tried).  If your running Gnome
with metacity, open gconf-editor and go to apps->metacity->general and
check the composite box.

On NV40 class hardware, you don't need the composite manager.  In fact
(at least with Xserver 1.6 which I'm running now), if a composite
manager is enabled, I'm seeing high cpu utilization from Xorg under some
circumstances.  I don't think this is a drm issue, but still an issue.
For me, if I start a video using mplayer in an xterm, cpu is fine as
long as that xterm is the foreground window.  If it is not the
foreground window, even if it isn't obscured I see the cpu utilization.
Disabling the composite manager makes everything fine.



Robert Noland <rnoland at FreeBSD.org>
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