X11 mouse driver and USB mouse disconnection

Scott Spare scuppers at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 18:03:52 PDT 2009

Under FreeBSD 7.1 STABLE and XOrg, it looks like there's trouble with the
handling of USB mouse disconnections  (e.g. when a KVM switch is used.)
These problems only occur when Xorg / x11 is running and selected via the
virtual TTY (i.e. ALT-F9).

Expected behavior: the mouse resumes working even if physically
Actual behavior:  the mouse stops working if disconnected and reconnected.

Remedy / Workaround: switch to one of the console-based virtual TTYs, then
switch back to the virtual TTY that runs XOrg.

Other information:
-This problem occurs regardless of whether moused is running.
-This problem was tested with a Logitech Mx518 optical mouse, and XOrg 7_3.2

-Virtual TTY0 (ALT-F1) displays the following each time the mouse is
disconnected and reconnected:
ums0: at ubub 1 port 4 (addr5) disconnected
ums0: detatched.

-Upon reconnection, it displays the following:
ums0: <Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse, Class 0/0, rev 2.00/22.00, addr5> on
uhub 1
ums0: 8 buttons and Z dir

How to replicate:
Presumably, disconnect and reconnect any USB mouse while X11 is running.
The mouse will stop responding.
Alternatively: use a Logitech Mx518 mouse with XOrg 7_3.2.

Would wiring down the mouse in device.hints have any effect?
Is this a lower level issue?
Can anyone comment??

Best regards,

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