Problem with VESA and 1680x1050

jw jwdevel at
Tue Jul 14 05:56:52 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 8:26 PM, Andrew J.
Caines<A.J.Caines at> wrote:
> John,
>> I have a new box with an onboard GeForce 8200, which is not supported
>>  by the 'nv' driver yet.
> If you don't mind the closed code and aren't running 64 bit, you can use
> x11/nvidia-driver.

Unfortunately (in this respect :) I am running amd64 - sorry, forgot
to post that

> You might be able to get more help if you provide the chip ID.

Where do I get the chip ID?
Or do you mean this line from the log?
    nVidia Corporation MCP78S [GeForce 8200] Co-Processor rev 162

>> (II) VESA(0): Not using mode "1680x1050" (no mode of this name) So
>> what gives? It seems like VESA is aware that the mode is supported,
>> yet it drops it later on anyway.
> That's not a VESA mode[1].

Ah, so the VESA driver just can not ever provide this mode I take
it... oh well ):

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