Some issues with video-intel-2.7.1

Robert Noland rnoland at
Sat Jul 4 06:18:45 UTC 2009

On Fri, 2009-07-03 at 23:17 +0200, Aragon Gouveia wrote:
> Robert Noland wrote:
> > -CURRENT should resolve most of your issues.  The problem is with our
> > handling of msi interrupts in the pci code.  A few people are reporting
> > panics with HEAD that haven't yet been resolved.  I let X autoload the
> > kernel modules and I haven't seen any issues with the G45 board that I
> > use for my Intel work.
> I updated to HEAD the other night and it fixed the biggest problem 
> (along with some other unrelated problems), thanks!
> The problem with exiting my window manager still persists, though.  When 
> it exits, I've noticed Xorg persistently core dumps (bus error), and 
> when that happens the vty is filled with horizontal stripes as if the 
> LCD panel has a bad connection.  Only fix is a reboot.  Only work around 
> is ctrl+alt+backspace.

What chip is this on?  Can you get a backtrace?


> Not sure if this is a Xorg problem, but if I can help with information, 
> please ask. :)
> Thanks,
> Aragon
Robert Noland <rnoland at>
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