non working DRI on *i386* RADEONX1650+FreeBSD7-stable+Xorg7.4

Maho NAKATA chat95 at
Fri Feb 6 14:32:17 PST 2009

it seems DRI is not working on i386, RADEON X1650 FreBSD 7-stable, Xorg 7.4

1. if we enable DRI, screen is garbled.
2. without DRI, works, it works, and no problem.
3. I have DRM loaded at /boot/loader.conf
drm0: <ATI Radeon X1650> on vgapci0
info: [drm] Initialized radeon 1.29.0 20080613

Here is the links to the Xorg.0.logs and xorg.conf
DRI has been enabled, and garbled.

DIR has been disabled, and works, but no compiz

Helps are really appreciated!
-- Nakata Maho , 

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