startx won't start twm with empty xinitrc

Nikolay Tychina niktychina at
Sun Aug 16 11:42:49 UTC 2009

Thanks for your reply.

Actually, twm starts with "exec twm" in xinitrc (click on black screen opens
context menu)
I don't know does twm works properly, though. It used to look a bit
different :)

google-earth port in FreeBSD doesn't require qt4.
i just removed linux_base-fc-4 and ports depend on it, and installed
Everything is ok now :)


2009/8/16 Alberto Villa <villa.alberto at>

> On Sunday 16 August 2009 07:09:20 Nikolay Tychina wrote:
> > I rebuilt whole x11/xorg (due to problem with google earth - it's been
> > missing earth picture)
> > but i didn't solve that problem.
> hi
> iirc, google earth depends on qt4. there were similar problems (images not
> showing) during the upgrade to kde 4.3 for some of us, the solution was to
> rebuild qt4-imageformats. i don't know if this is your case (i don't even
> know
> if you have that package installed), but that's my advice
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