Meas won't build from ports

John Hein jhein at
Tue Apr 21 01:08:44 UTC 2009

Phillip Kinsley wrote at 15:56 -0700 on Apr 20, 2009:
 > Mesa won't build on a new installation of 7.2-RC1.
 > I did a portsnap first and then installed Xorg and then tried to
 > install gnustep on the system. I stopped  compiling on libGLU, giving
 > a error of:
 > configure: error: Package requirements (x11 xext xxf86vm xdamage
 > xfixes x11-xcb xcb-glx) were not met:
 > No package 'x11-xcb' found
 > I tried installing xcb files and still got the same error.

read the archives - out of date libX11

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