Working fglrx driver on FreeBSD-7

Adam K Kirchhoff adamk at
Wed Oct 8 19:50:56 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 08 October 2008 14:54:08 SammyG wrote:
> Jacques Fourie-2 wrote:
> > If anyone is interested let me know and I'll post instructions on how
> > to accomplish this. It is relatively simple - I had to create a simple
> > wrapper that allows the FreeBSD Xorg to load the Linux driver with the
> > help of libmap.conf.
> This is a bit late, but I would be very grateful to know. I'm a complete
> novice to Unix-like operating systems and trying to make 2d-accleration
> work for my Radeon 9600 & P4P800 board on FreeBSD 7.0-Release. Since my
> eyes can't stand tearing, I was thinking about switching to Linux...
> I don't know if this will help, but I also had some arifacts(though quite
> different from yours) and I somehow managed to remove them by setting the
> right horizontal&vertial refresh rates values for my monitor in xorgconfig
> tool, at least for 1024x768 mode. I didn't have to manually add or remove
> any kernel modules in xorg.conf or /boot/loader.conf. Unfortunately, the
> open-source generic radeon driver doesn't seem to support 2d-accleration...

That is not the case at all.  The radeon driver supports 2D acceleration (and 
3D acceleration) on all r100 through r500 cards these days.


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