ports/116605: x11/xorg: server 7.3 crashes

Kyryll A Mirnenko aka Mirya mirya at zoc.com.ua
Thu Mar 13 19:44:40 UTC 2008

Updated status:

both i810 and intel (the ports version) crashes the server on some GL use, 
regardless of drm enabled on not, i can cleanly reproduce it with qtiplot 
asking it to draw a surface plot. Disabling glx module helps - e.g. i can't 
get x crash after that (though no gl-related software works :).

The good news: I've manually updated the intel driver to 2.2.1 (2.2.0 doesn't 
work, the server doesn't start at all), not the GL stuff works, i've not 
experienced crashes at all, so I suggest just updating intel driver.

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