PCBSD & X11 ugh

John Hein jhein at timing.com
Tue Mar 11 23:12:27 UTC 2008

Julian Elischer wrote at 13:08 -0700 on Mar 11, 2008:
 > So, I tried out PCBSD on a Dell "DHP" (what ever that is) (made feb '05).
 > it installs great
 > but when I run boot it, (FreeBSD comes up fine) teh X server goes into
 > an infinite loop somewhere.
 >    168 root          1   0    0   148M  6976K rdnrel   0:57 93.85% Xorg
 > and the screen stays black.
 > the fan goes onto "tornado" mode and it just sits there.
 > attempting to send a signal -9 to the x server has no effect so its
 > stuck in the kernel somewhere.
 > does anyone have any X11 foo (or PCBSD foo) to let me know how to get
 > the damed server to do what it did in install, when it was just fine.
 > possibly I need to disable some kernel extension feature..

If it worked on install, but not now, that seems to point to an config
difference.  I have no great xorg foo either, but when I hit something
like this, I start commenting stuff out in xorg.conf (things like dri
- particularly if you are seeing issues in the kernel).

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