PCBSD & X11 ugh

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Tue Mar 11 20:20:15 UTC 2008

So, I tried out PCBSD on a Dell "DHP" (what ever that is) (made feb '05).

it installs great
but when I run boot it, (FreeBSD comes up fine) teh X server goes into
an infinite loop somewhere.

   168 root          1   0    0   148M  6976K rdnrel   0:57 93.85% Xorg

and the screen stays black.
the fan goes onto "tornado" mode and it just sits there.

attempting to send a signal -9 to the x server has no effect so its
stuck in the kernel somewhere.

does anyone have any X11 foo (or PCBSD foo) to let me know how to get
the damed server to do what it did in install, when it was just fine.
possibly I need to disable some kernel extension feature..

I'm not really sure what info I need to send.
every 4 years I get hit by some X11 thing like this.. just far
enough appart that I've forgotten all I knew, and the whole
X11 landscape has changed since I last looked at it..

maybe I'll try desktopBSD.. hmm another download..

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