x11-drivers/xf86-video-mga: current issues

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Fri Jan 18 08:13:16 PST 2008

On Fri, 17 Jan 2008, Peter Much wrote:

> So, while the matters concerning ports/117726 (which looks to me
> concerning more or less the question if one is willing to use xrandr)
> seem to be widely discussed, the other problem (ports/116851, i.e.
> the card not reading BIOS information), seems now to be in the status
> "closed unsolved", and no one seems to care about anymore.(?!)

The bug with xorg not reading the MGA video BIOS is an old X bug.  The 
next port version of xorg on FreeBSD should use libpciaccess, which will 
make that hack unnecessary.  Leaving 116851 open would be a bit 
misleading, since it's not a FreeBSD bug.

> 4. As there seems to exist the opinion that this problem belongs
> to Xorg maintainers (and as I have the strong opinion that before
> creating fixes one should figure out what made the problem arise
> in the first place - especially with things that did already work
> at an earlier time): is there an involvement of Xorg maintainers
> in this matter? (I searched, but did not find any comment on
> that)

I've encouraged peole with modeline problems to either enter bug reports 
in bugs.freedesktop.org or contact Tilman Sauerbeck.  I can't find any 
mga modeline bug reports there, maybe just searching badly.

A few days ago I sent an email to Tilman Sauerbeck about the modeline 
problem, but it's hard to provide specifics when the bug is in a feature 
I don't use.  Hopefully others have also contacted him.

It would be nice to get the problems fixed before the next xorg release 
so we don't have to go through the xrandr-1.2 pain all over again.

If anyone wants to work on mga-1.9.100 directly, I'd be willing to help 
test.  Come to think of it, a test case that demonstrates the modeline 
problem would be nice.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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