the continuing adventures of nvidia vs. xord 7.3

Aryeh Friedman aryeh.friedman at
Sun Sep 30 00:38:57 PDT 2007

Normally I wouldn't mention this this may point to a deeper set of
bugs in xorg/nv/nvidia/freebsd 7-current.

Where things stood:

1. I had xorg 7.3 on freebsd 7-current (i386)
2. It did not reconize any nvidia card in anyway shape or form (nv,
nvidia (even he latest beta's posted on 9/26), etc.)
3. As soon I upgraded to 7-current (amd64) and reinstalled xorg 7.3
the nv driver works

My hardware:

intel e6850
p35 mobo
4 gb of ram
nvidia geforce 5200 GT (pci) (but had the same issue and I think
actually physically damaged a 8500 gs (pci-e)) [once nvidia comes out
with a stable closed source driver I will probally get an other

Lessons for other people:

1. If you have a 64bit x86 like processor you should try using amd64
instead of i386 binaries

2. The xorg (and/or freebsd kernel team) need to figure out why there
should be any diff between amd64 and i386 (I removed one dimm and
remade xorg and it still failed on i386)

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