What can I do?

Rainer Goellner rainer at jabbe.de
Thu Mar 22 14:04:29 UTC 2007

Florent Thoumie wrote:
> Rainer Goellner wrote:
>> area I can help to get that xorg thing into the
>> ports tree in the conceivable future?
> Probably not (explanation follows).
That's what I thought.

>> What I have now is a working release 6.2 system,
> 7th of march? Do you realise some people including me are using the git
> tree since october? :-)

Yep, but your's ist full of dust by now ;-)
Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not a total newbie,
have been lurking from the dark (and using FreeBSD!)
for a decade or so.

> Which also means I have to merge upstream
> (regular ports tree) changes into xorg branch almost everyday so that
> people can have current xorg ports *and* freebsd ports at the same time.
I really do appreciate that, although I think there's a
problem - several ports had to be corrected a few hours
after a change lateley, so when you start a full build
from such a snap you'll get some "false errors".
What can I tell you? Probably you're aware of that anyway.

> As you can see on [3], we're still committing fixes. We usually fix
> those ports by ourselves (miwi, lesi and myself) but occasionally
> forward them to maintainers when we can't figure out what's wrong or
> when it requires non-trivial fix. When we fixed all ports broken in a
> single experimental pointyhat build, a new one is scheduled and then we
> get new errorlogs, ...
So my impression was correct that most of what's left
has to do with the right to commit, build and allot.

> You're not the first one to say that you'd like xorg
> 7.2 in ports now.
I'm sure about that, and I'll be the last to keep you
from working hard to get it done ;-)


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