games/ezquake: undefined reference to `glXGetVideoSyncSGI'

Alejandro Pulver alepulver at
Tue Jun 5 06:20:32 UTC 2007


The following error appears when building the games/ezquake port on
amd64 and ia64 (for now) after the Xorg upgrade. It links fine on i386.

[LINK] release/ezquake-gl.glx
release/glx/vid_glx.o(.text+0xc52): In function `WaitForVSync':
: undefined reference to `glXGetVideoSyncSGI'
release/glx/vid_glx.o(.text+0xc92): In function `WaitForVSync':
: undefined reference to `glXGetVideoSyncSGI'

The function is in libGL (and the program uses -lGL).

Any clues?

Thanks and Best Regards,
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