Xorg upgrade (wrong lib/ld path)

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Tue Jul 24 01:04:59 UTC 2007


	Sorry to bring this to the x11 list, but my system is pretty much
still in the middle of the upgrade and I can't take this laptop with me
anywhere until I can finish. :)

	Summary - I have about 1900 pcf files that are probably useless
due to problems with bdftopcf. Since /usr/X11R6/lib is in the library
list before /usr/local/lib, I see :

ldd work/bdftopcf-1.0.1/bdftopcf
 	libXfont.so.1 => /usr/X11R6/lib/libXfont.so.1 (0x28080000)
 	libc.so.5 => /lib/libc.so.5 (0x280e6000)

	which I can't understand how anyone ever got bdftopcf to work
during upgrade. It linked fine since there was an -L/usr/local/lib in 
the cc line, but during its execution it seems to be taking it from my
library path, which causes it to complain of a Undefined reference to
serverClient in libXfont.

	The original Xfont was put in as part of the meta port
xorg-libraries-6.9.0 . It seems this Xfont came about, without the other
one being deleted as follows :

1) portupgrade was upgrading xorg-fonts-encodings-6.9.0_1 to 
2) portupgrade then realized it needed mkfontscale so started to work
 	on that
3) mkfontscale needed libfontenc

4) With those 2 resolved, it then went for bdftopcf

5) bdftopcf needed libXfont
	So at this point it was installing libXfont when it already had
the one from xorg-libraries-6.9.0 there, hence the problem apparently

 	Ok, so what do I do now? I'm mid build, I don't have X installed
or running, and I have atleast 1894 font files that are incorrect at the
current moment.... I still don't get why I ran into this and others didn't.
Did I miss a step that would have removed the xorg-libraries?

 			Thanks, Tuc

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