Mouse event merging for several mice, how does it work?

Martin Cracauer cracauer at
Mon Dec 10 11:43:51 PST 2007

Can somebody explain to me how this works, which software layer does

- when you have a notebook with a touchpad
- and a USB mouse
- then X11 will use both
- you don't have to have a xorg.conf that mentions both, it's
  automatic, and you can plug the USB mouse in and out all you want.

This was a fairly recent feature of XFree, I remember that around 2002
I had to use a ServerConfig with primary and second pointer to get
this going at the time.  I remember Linux and FreeBSD got the
"merging" around the same time.

I never understood which software layer did this merging, I don't
think it's the X server.  I have to fix it in RELENG_6, apparently,
see appended message.

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