AIGLX, ATI/AMD Radeons and FreeBSD -current

vehemens vehemens at
Thu Aug 30 11:23:11 PDT 2007

On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 10:15:20AM -0400, Coleman Kane wrote:
>I am curious what the state of AIGLX is using the ATI R300+ cards (I've 
>an rv350) under FreeBSD. I have been trying to track down what work is 
>being done on the problem.
>I see a number of references detailing that it *is* broken, but I am 
>having difficulty tracking down any progress or unofficial patches to 
>deal with fixing it... is there anybody who's actively working on fixing 
>this problem?
>I found PR 112984: 
>which documents some spotty working/not working cases... all referencing 
>6.2-STABLE. Is this the only progress made so far? Is there any "working 
>solution" under -current (or does the -stable fix apply to -current 
>too)? Does the xorg-server-snap get better results?
>I'm hoping that someone else has already trudged through here and can 
>help shortcut what may be a drawn-out compile/test/debug/recompile cycle...

I modified a number of packages before I could run AIGLX with BERYL on a RV350 
based card and -current.  Not to happy about the response time on my XP 2100 

Updating the DRM driver was one of the changes, but it doesn't compile on a 
6.2 system.  Also switched to the 6.6.193 ATI driver, and updated the xserver 
and a number of libraries.

I would suggest waiting until 7.3 comes out unless you have an extra system 
and spare time.

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