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Scott Robbins scottro at
Wed Nov 29 05:39:42 PST 2006

On Wed, Nov 29, 2006 at 09:34:51AM +0000, Florent Thoumie wrote:
> Scott Robbins wrote:

> > As I mentioned the other day, I went through the upgrade procedure and
> > found it relatively painless.  (The dependency loop that I ran into, I
> > later realized, was because my eye had skipped the step to pkgdb -F
> > after installing xorg-libraries.
> Actually, I added this line to the wiki yesterday :-)

Ah, that would explain it. :)

However, I notice that whichever of these I first install
> > installs xorg-server as well, but doesn't remove the old xorg-server.
> > I'm guessing that might have happened with the first installation as
> > well.  
> All drivers depend on xorg-server. As I said, I'd rather ship something
> complete (or give the opportunity to install only the necessary bits)
> and remove what's not needed afterwards.

Definitely agreed.  
> > I wonder if it might work better (I'm going to experiment with this too,
> > in the next few days) to do the portupgrade -R xorg-server before doing
> > the xorg-drivers.  
> My mistake there, just reverse them.

> > At any rate, at least on these PCBSD test installs, it installs
> > xorg-server but leaves the old one in there.  Doing portupgrade -R
> > xorg-server simply ignores most of the packages and skips the xorg-6.9
> > package. 
> This xorg-6.9 package must be removed at the very beginning, I'm adding
> this to the wiki as well. Thanks.

I'm slightly confused here.  Will removing the xorg-6.9 package also
remove that xorg-server-6.9 or should that be done with portupgrade in
the order I mentioned, doing it before adding mouse, vid or keyboard
driver?  (I'll have the answer for myself, but not till tonight or
tomorrow when I try my latest and greatest plan.)

> > Lastly, I repeat that I've been doing this on a PCBSD installation,
> > as it gives me a running BSD with X in about 20 minutes, so it's quite
> > possible that they're doing something slightly different than a normal
> > FreeBSD installation.
> Well, it doesn't seem that much different. Thanks for these notes. This
> is much appreciated.

No, I don't think it is.  It doesn't install the printserver, nestserver
or docs but aside from that, it's really excellent for testing this.  On
a moderately old machine (1 gig AMD XP processor, 512 Megs DDR ram) it
installs a working system with X in about twenty minutes.  As this is
just for testing the upgrade, I choose all the simpler options, so after
a few clicks in the beginning, I can let it install and walk away.  

I recommend it for anyone who wants a working system with X-6.9 for


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