Problems with OpenGL & the NVIDIA driver

Vulpes Velox v.velox at
Sun Jun 11 16:48:40 UTC 2006

On Sun, 11 Jun 2006 03:22:44 -0400
"Naram Qashat" <cyberbotx at> wrote:

> Well, that solved it.  I recompiled the driver, killed the X
> process so KDM could reload it, and then loaded up ZSNES into
> OpenGL mode, and it didn't lock up.  Does this mean that every time
> the x11/xorg-server port gets updated, I need to recompile the
> NVIDIA driver and restart X to make sure it'll run without freezing?

As far as I know, yes. IIRC the nvidia driver installs it's own GL
library. This is over written when the X server is reinstalled.

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